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Easy, Quick and Delicious Pasta!

Easy, Quick and Delicious Pasta!

因工作關係,已經很久沒有弄晚餐, 有點失落。這晚我下定決心無論多晚都要弄一個簡單的晚餐, 於是煮了這個蟹肉蘑菇忌廉意粉,只需約15分鐘, 味道還很不錯! Ingredient (Serving for 2): 意粉 200g (Pasta) 蟹肉 140g (Crab Meat) 白蘑菇 5 – 6粒切片 (White Mushroom, cut into slices) 淡忌廉 200ml (Whipped Cream) 雞湯 100ml (Chicken Broth) 芝士粉 適量 (Cheese Powder) 白酒 適量 (White Wine) 牛油 少許 (Butter) 橄欖油 少許 (Olive Oil) 鹽及黑胡椒粉 適量 (Salt and Black Pepper to taste) … Continue reading

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